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Our concrete company installs, replaces and removes your outdoor cement. We are experts at remodeling your concrete surfaces which helps to improve the appearance of your driveway, patio or garage.

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Concrete is a smart option for your driveway, patio or garage floor. It is a durable substance that does well in harsh climates. It is fairly effortless to upkeep and can assume just about any style or color.

We are a hardscaping company that works exclusively with concrete pavements. We pour plain flat concrete or designed stamped concrete for your patio, driveway or garage so homeowners can express their style.

Our company is highly skilled at jobs involving:

  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Patios
  • Concrete Garage Floors
  • Concrete Pool Decks
concrete contractors arlington heights il

Simple Flat Concrete

What is flat poured concrete? This implies a plain mound of concrete poured onto the designated area directly from the mixing vehicle. From here, it is leveled, compacted and floated to form a smooth surface.

Flat cement is a popular option for low visibility pavements. Whether it’s for an outdoor deck, a standard home driveway or even a residential garage floor, plain poured concrete is a durable outside surface solution.

If you prefer a timeless look, then plain flat poured concrete is the obvious and budget-friendly choice. Plus, with finish options like straight lined or curved broom finish as well as exposed aggregate, it can be polished up a bit to improve the attractiveness.

stamped concrete arlington heights il

Stylish Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is an upgrade from flatwork cement. This is a fine selection if you want your space to display more detail. You can basically go wild with this option. Our contractors can make your concrete surface mirror other materials like paving stones, slate, fieldstone and even wood.

Concrete companies like us use a special method to make designs and patterns onto your concrete. We can combine stamping patterns and acid color staining that lets you achieve a different design for your patio, driveway or garage. We provide various tones and patterns in order to let you customize the look and feel of your surface. We have the highest standards in materials so your pavement can stand up to the elements.

The major advantage of pressed concrete is that it provides a stylish, sophisticated exterior hardscape look.

Our Concrete Services

Luckily diverse concrete has become an alternate choice over boring asphalt that presents less style. Concrete can be personalized to showcase your home’s special style.

Whether you opt for simple flatwork concrete or decorative concrete, our concreters are ready to support you in your forthcoming concrete project.

concrete patio installation arlington heights il

Concrete Patio Services

New patio installation or replacement is a good idea if your damaged patio is impacting the attractiveness of your property.

An exterior patio can be a bonus for you and your family. Aside from having more space for fun and relaxation together, it can also serve as a party pad when there is indoor overflow.

When you’re ready for a new concrete deck, you have options beyond simple flatwork. Our lead contractor can assist you in devising a layout that coordinates with your yard and landscaping.

concrete driveway replacement arlington heights il

Concrete Driveway Services

Concrete driveway installation and replacement is a logical way to improve your exterior appearance and make pulling into the garage a smooth ride.

A new concrete driveway can be poured using flat concrete or decorative concrete.

Flat concrete is easily the most affordable option. It lasts many years and is fairly effortless to keep up.

However, there is a more beautiful choice with pressed concrete as an alternative. Stamped concrete upgrades the character in your driveway You can enjoy different tones, finishes and moldings for your pressed concrete driveway. Our design specialist is happy to assist you in developing a driveway that is balanced with the overall aesthetic of your property.

concrete garage flooring arlington heights il

Concrete Garage Flooring Services

Concrete garage floor installation and replacement becomes important if you are either erecting a new garage or you are experiencing cracks in your current garage flooring. In these instances, we can construct a new concrete garage floor that you’ll be proud of and improve the value of your garage.

As you are likely aware, a well constructed concrete garage flooring has several advantages. First, it is easier on your tires. For another, it is easier to keep clean than a cracked floor or dirt. Furthermore, it just plain looks nicer than dirt or asphalt.

concrete pool deck arlington heights il

Concrete Pool Decks

Get a pro installed pool deck that looks sharp and keeps your pool cleaner too.

Whether for a sub ground level pool or above ground pool, a concrete pool deck is the smart material for designing a polished swimming area with plenty of space for walking around the pool. Our pool deck concreters can lay down both plain flat cement or a stunning decorative concrete pool deck showcasing custom textures and colors.

More than just the curb appeal impact a nicely built pool deck can make, it’s a smart option for functional reasons too. Enclosing the swimming area with a concrete pool patio with dependable concrete recesses the dirt line of the grassy yard, limiting the volume of dirt that gets dragged into the water from bare feet. As a result, the swimming water naturally keeps cleaner and the filter doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain it.

We are prepared to install pool decks for a personal residence, apartment building, hotel or fitness center.

Local Cement Services Offered

Our concrete hardscaping\paving services focus on: installation, replacement and removal of concrete, stone and hardscaping surfaces for your patio, driveway and garage. If you need concrete installed, replaced or removed, we are the concrete construction company near you that can deliver the service proficiently. Our services for your outside concrete include patios, driveways, pool decks and garages.

Concrete Installation

Inquire about installing fresh concrete at your home or business. From excavation to grading to pouring and stamping, our concreters handle every phase of the concrete installation project. No matter if we are installing a patio, driveway or garage floor, we make certain that the cement surface is even using modern grading methods that maintain well over the years.

Concrete Replacement Work

Exchange your old, damaged driveway, patio or garage floor with fresh concrete that is level and beautiful. We handle the complete removal project of the existing asphalt or concrete surface. We then set up the ground with the correct grading methods to make certain that the poured concrete will be smooth and level. If stamped hardscaping is what you desire, we’ll finish the job with patterns, a broomed finish or acid staining.

Concrete Removal Services

Contact us to have your existing concrete or asphalt surface removed safely and properly. Our demolition crew will break up your damaged patio or driveway and remove the materials, providing you a fresh area to build on.

Anew Concrete of Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights, IL 60005


Anew Concrete of Arlington Heights

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This is a great question to ask during your estimate appointment, as the time frame will depend heavily on how large the project is and how much detail is involved. Stamped concrete projects take slightly longer than simple flat poured concrete jobs because of the patterning and coloring steps adding to the work. A typical flat poured driveway might only take 2-3 days to finish, without additional side jobs or detailing.

Concrete replacements and installations may not take place unti the proper permits have been approved by your local town municipality. In order for this to happen, a plat of survey for your property will need to be submitted along with a permit application. From then, we need to wait for city permit approvals. Thus, after receiving your conctract, we will help you start the permitting process. Once permits are received, we will schedule your job at the next available opening.

Yes, we can add stain a color onto your flat poured concrete surface to change the natural gray to the tone of your choice, such as amber, golden wheat, brick red and so forth.

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A highly established town with good schools and a strong population of 75,000 Arlington Heights is considered a top town to live in Illinois. With a pleasing blend of old and new, this location brings a vibrant active lifestyle to families of all types.

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