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Garages are important spaces in our homes. It’s not just a space for parking our vehicles anymore. For many of us, our garages are also our laundry room, storage area and tools shed. We spend a lot of time visiting our garages, so it is important to make the space comfortable and safe; which is why we need a concrete garage floor.

Choosing a concrete slab for our garage makes perfect sense for many homeowners. Garage floors need to be heard wearing since it needs to bear the brunt not only of vehicles but also other stored items. It also needs to be low-maintenance since many homeowners don’t have time to clean the whole house.

Concrete has all of these properties. It is energy efficient, affordable, low-maintenance and durable.

Anew Concrete Contractors delivers reliable and durable garage floors at an affordable price. Choosing a concrete slab for a garage can help upgrade your personal comfort levels while boosting your property value.

Our company's expert team of professionals ensures that all driveways paving projects are completed on time and with the highest level of quality craftsmanship.

Our Garage Flooring Services

As the premiere garage floor company in the state, we offer the following service:

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Garage Concrete Floor Installation

Garage floor installation can represent a big investment for homeowners. This is why you shouldn’t trust the first company you find on the internet after browsing for “garage floor company near me”.

We do not only have the experience to install a durable garage doors, we also have the skilled manpower and equipment needed to do the job well. We can install a garage doors within your budget without compromising quality. We only use premium materials to ensure that your concrete garage doors lasts decades so that you can enjoy a return on your investment.

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Concrete Garage Floor Replacement

Normal wear and tear can cause concrete to deteriorate. Some common signs include cracks, erosion and discoloration. When your concrete floors are deteriorated, you need to consider garage floor replacement.

Cracked and eroded floors are safety hazards. They can cause you to trip and fall which usually results in injuries or costly hospital treatment. Replacing your garage floor is more convenient than hospital visits and less painful.

We will assist you during this whole process. We can assess your garage and recommend a plan that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful floor as soon as possible.

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Garage Concrete Slab Removal

We recommend garage concrete slab removal when replacement is not viable. When the crack is too deep or when flooring has become uneven, removing the whole concrete slab is better and safer for all members of the household.

Removing the slab by yourself takes hours of backbreaking work. We do not only have the manpower to do this job quickly, but also have the equipment to do it safely and efficiently.

Our services do not only include removing the slab. We will also help with disposal of the debris.We can help you come up with a plan to make your garage floor safe for all to use.

Garage Acid Etching

Garage acid etching involves the use of chemicals in order to roughen up the surface of the concrete. This process is part of concrete preparation to prepare it for protective coating.

Professional garage floor companies are needed for this type of work since it involves chemicals and precision.

Garage Slab Acid Staining

Applying acid stain to your garage floors is better than painting it because the stain penetrates the concrete infusing it with a translucent tone that while allowing the natural color of concrete to show through.

This is a better way to add color to your otherwise normal “concrete look”. Since it penetrates below the surface, the colors are longer lasting.

Contact us if you prefer to color your concrete base for the garage.

Types of Garage Floor Concrete

We install the following types of concrete garage floors:

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Flat Poured Concrete for Garages

Float poured concrete is a good choice if you prefer the classic simple look. It’s rather effortless to maintain and economical to install. When done correctly, your garage floor will last for years without cracking.

Stamped Concrete for Garages

If you prefer more character for your garage floor, having it stamped is an easy way to decorate it. There are many stamps or patterns to choose from. Classics like flagstone, asher and brick never get old. Stamped concrete can easily mimic these looks without the expensive price tag.

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We provide concrete replacement and installation services in most towns within DuPage County, as well as villages in some parts of Kane and Cook Counties. Don't see your town? Call us to see if we service your area.

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