Concrete Installation

Concrete is one of the most affordable and durable materials on the planet. It is no wonder that we see it everywhere. Concrete is also a favorite among homeowners because of its versatility. It comes in many textures and can be molded into different designs.

Anew Concrete Construction is skilled and knowledgeable in concrete installation services. We install, replace and remove exterior concrete.You can trust us to hardscape your front yard and backyard so your home looks beautiful and well tended.

We are familiar with many homeowner challenges when it comes to concrete and will work with you from design to finish to ensure that you save time and money. We will work within your budget to find the best solution for your driveway, patio and garage.

Our Concrete Installation Services

Is your driveway unpaved, cracked or deteriorated? Perhaps it’s time to consider concrete driveway installation. Aside from boosting curb appeal, hiring a concrete driveway installer can increase your property value.

Concrete is a popular building material for patios, garages and driveways because of its durability and affordability. Concrete installation companies like us usually have 2 types of services: Standard Flat Poured Concrete Installation and Stamped Concrete Installation.

Flat Poured Concrete Installation

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Standard flatwork concrete is a classic. You probably had a driveway finished this way in your old house. Many homeowners favor this type of concrete installation because it is easy to maintain, affordable and timeless. A well-maintained concrete driveway can last many years. Most of all, a driveway installer can finish the job quickly especially if the area to be paved is small.

Choosing flat poured concrete is a good choice if you have a flat surface. Professional driveway installation can give you a safe and stable place for your vehicles while boating your curb appeal at the same time.

Stamped Concrete Installation

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Stamped concrete installation is a good choice when you want your garage, patio or driveway to have something extra. Because of its versatility, design, patterns and colors can be added to concrete to make it different and beautiful.

We can help you design a patio, driveway or even garage floor using stamped concrete that matches your existing space. There are many designs to choose from. Because of its flexibility, concrete patio installation companies can make your patio floor look like flagstone, cobblestone, natural stone or even brick.

One of the benefits of using concrete for your space is because it requires very little maintenance. Pavers and bricks look nice too, but they loosen as they begin to settle down. Decorative stamped concrete on the other hand, is not only cheaper to install than pavers; it is also easier to manipulate, allowing you to create more intricate designs.

Our concrete replacement service is well rounded and can help you design the perfect driveway, patio and garage. We work with you to complete the details of your project. Once everything is complet, we will prepare the area and pour high-quality concrete mix. After this, we will level your space and apply finishing touches.Once the concrete is dry, you can enjoy a beautiful garage, patio or driveway for many years to come.

Types Of Installation Services

Concrete Patio Installation

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Concrete patio installation companies can help you create a beautiful space where you can relax and entertain. We can help you design a patio with concrete flooring that compliments your existing landscape and exterior facade.

Choosing concrete for your patio is a good idea because it is a flexible material that can be manipulated, allowing you to create a space that is truly yours. The material is also easy to maintain and durable, making it a worthy investment.

Most importantly, flat poured concrete is very affordable. It is one of the cheapest ways to improve your outdoor space. In fact, even stamped concrete is cheaper compared to having pavers or bricks installed.

Concrete Driveway Installation

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A professional driveway installer can make quick work of your driveway so that you don’t have to walk through cracks or suffer through muddy uneven flooring whenever it rains or snows in Illinois.

Choosing concrete over other building materials is advantageous to many homeowners. It is hard wearing so it will survive seasonal changes as well as traffic from your vehicle over the years. It is also very low-maintenance and affordable, making it a good investment for homeowners.

Install a concrete driveway now to enjoy the convenience.

Concrete Garage Floor Installation

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Garage floor installers can make your space look neat and easy to maintain. If you like spending time in your garage tinkering with your car, bike or doing carpentry; having a space that is easy to clean is very important. Oil stains are unsightly and constantly sweeping the floor to pick up wooden shavings takes a long time.

Choosing concrete flooring can cut your cleaning and maintenance time. It is also very durable and energy efficient, protecting you from the harsh winters of Illinois. You can choose to have plain flat cement poured on your garage or choose stamped or decorative for a bit of character.

Pool Deck Installation

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We also offer concrete pool deck installation. Having a pool means having a paved space where you can put loungers, tables and chairs. Installing a pool deck will give you an area where you can relax, entertain and have fun with family and friends.

We can help you choose a pattern or design a flooring that goes well with your outdoor space. Our pool deck installation service will be within your budget so you are assured that you will be consulted every step of the way.

Concrete pool deck installation is a good choice if you like spending lots of time near your pool or outdoors.


We provide concrete replacement and installation services in most towns within DuPage County, as well as villages in some parts of Kane and Cook Counties. Don't see your town? Call us to see if we service your area.

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