Concrete Removal of Driveways, Patios & Decks

concrete removal

Concrete removal is not an easy task. Many of us think that concrete removal only involves swinging giant demolition mallets or using a demolition hammer. No, it is backbreaking work that involves hours of physical labor. Plus, you also have to be precise in order to preserve areas that are not going to be demoed.

The problem with removing concrete is that the material is hard. Concrete is a popular building choice simply because it is durable. This is why it is better to hire concrete removal contractors. Not only does this type of work require skill; it also needs manpower and planning.

If you’re planning a driveway removal and have no time, skill or equipment to do so; Anew Concrete Contractors can offer our professional services so you don’t have to worry about removal, disposal and planning.

Concrete Removal Service

Even though concrete is durable and lasts for decades with proper care, certain factors can contribute to its deterioration. One of the most common reasons why concrete degrades is the weather. Exterior concrete is exposed to the sun, rain and snow all year round. Exposure to the elements causes it to contract and expand. Over time, the repeated expansion and contraction weakens the chemical composition of concrete, causing it to crack, erode or get discolored.

When you see these signs of concrete deterioration, it’s time to call for our concrete removal contractors because we can help solve your problem.

Our exterior concrete removal services include:

  • remove concrete driveway
  • remove concrete patio
  • concrete slab removal
  • pool deck removal

Types Of Concrete We Remove

Our concrete removal contractors are knowledgeable in industry best practices to remove concrete safely and efficiently. When you break concrete, shards can fly and injure you and other people helping you. Even with the use of safety goggles, having professional concrete removers is better than doing the job on your own. Here are the types of concrete we remove:

Concrete Driveway Removal

driveway removal

Many of us have concrete driveways thanks to residential paving. This is because it is durable and low-maintenance. But years of use and the 4 seasons of Illinois’ climate can contribute to its deterioration. The weight of your vehicles pressing on the concrete also factors in.

When it’s time to remove concrete driveway, it’s better to let professionals do the job for you. We have the proper equipment, manpower and planning experience to do the job correctly and quickly. Always remember that concrete is a hardy building material. It was put there to last decades. So it makes sense to let a professional concrete remover do the job since getting rid of it can be hard.

Concrete Patio Removal

concrete patio removal

Just like driveway removal, many of us think that removing a concrete patio floor is easy. However, what we do not take into consideration are the wires and pipes buried underground. It is also easy to overlook the debris itself. Most of all, not all of us have the proper equipment

Remove concrete patio safely and quickly by hiring professionals. We have the proper experience and equipment so that we can be in and out of your house in hours. We can help you come up with a plan while avoiding electrical wirings and pipes and stay within your budget.

Concrete Slab Removal

concrete slab removal

Getting rid of your concrete slab is back breaking work. In most cases, a demo hammer or a small jack hammer is needed to make a quick job of it and most homeowners do not have this kind of equipment. This does not include the hours needed to completely demolish the slab.

Fortunately, we do not only have the equipment, we also have the experience to remove cracked, unused or aging concrete slab so you can make your area look beautiful and neat again.

Pool Deck Removal

pool deck removal

The swimming pool is the centerpiece for the backyards of many homeowners. It is the pride and joy and the highlight of the outdoor space. However, a cracked or old pool deck can make the view unsightly.

A typical pool is around 4 inches thick so it needs to be jackhammered to be removed. Pools also have pipes running around it to the filtration machine, meaning it needs expert care and precision.

We can help make your poolside beautiful again with a pool deck removal. Our methods won’t disturb or damage your pool.


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