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Led by a 20-year veteran concrete contractor, Anew Concrete Contractors is a company that knows paving inside and out.

Our crews are made up of highly skilled and experienced tradesmen that specialize in their craft. We segment our employees into specialized crews in order to meet three main goals:


Deliver you the most efficient paving service so you can enjoy your concrete surface sooner.


Execute the highest quality workmanship as a result of team members specializing in one primary skill set that is repeated constantly.


Maintain backup staff so there is always help readily available to finish your project should one team member need time off.

Our Concreters

The Demo Crew

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Although trained and practiced in other parts of the concrete paving process, our demolition crew focuses primarily on the removal of existing hardscape surfaces. This can involve breaking up and removing concrete, asphalt and even brick pavers. They are the preparation team that kicks off your project and prepares the ground for the paving team.

The Paving Crew

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Our paving crew are experts at efficiently and accurately laying down concrete slabs for patios, driveways, garage flooring and decks. This includes the proper grading and leveling stages of any paving job.

The Decorative Crew

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Our team of decorative paving specialists have honed their techniques in the art of stamped concrete, concrete texturing and color staining. These are the individuals that add beauty, interest and sophistication to your concrete hardscaping.

Our Concrete Company

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Our Capacity

No job is too big for Anew Concrete Contractors. We can remove your old concrete, replace it or install a new slab. We can also help you design a new surface so that it compliments your exterior facade or landscaping. Aside from pouring plain flat concrete, we specialize in decorative and stamped concrete. We are accustomed to taking on large residential and commercial projects and have the crews to handle it.

Our Specialty

Driveways and patios have become a statement piece for many homeowners. Not only does it enhance curb appeal, it improves home value as well. Knowing how important these two hardscapes are for property owners, we chose to specialize in them exclusively. Aside from our quality long lasting materials and superior workmanship, we offer competitive pricing and work with you 100% of the way. Your input to the project will always be our priority.

Our Service Area

We primarily service the western suburbs of Chicago in DuPage County and the portion of Cook County that is north of this area. If you live in the west burbs and have been searching online for “concrete contractors in my area”, we’re here to help.


We provide concrete replacement and installation services in most towns within DuPage County, as well as villages in some parts of Kane and Cook Counties. Don't see your town? Call us to see if we service your area.

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