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Looking for a local concrete company to service your concrete needs? Anew Concrete Contractors is available all week long to take your inquiry. Our team is friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable. We will guide you through the entire concrete process so you feel confident the whole way through.

Contact our company by phone, web form, web chat or text. Reaching us is easy and working with us is even easier.

Free Estimates

Every concrete job begins with a free, no obligation estimate. We never pressure customers into choosing us. We are confident that our team and past work will win over the customers that are the right fit for us. Once we confirm that your property is in our service area and the project is a job we specialize in, we will quickly get you on the schedule for an in-person estimate at the property address.

Permit Assistance

Before any concrete work can be done on your property, your local town or city municipality must supply a permit, which is kind of like permission to proceed with work. If you’ve never applied for a construction permit, there is no need to worry. We help our customers with this process to make it as effortless as possible for you. The main item we’ll need from you is your home’s plat of survey. This is included in all home closing paperwork, so check your files for the documents you received at the time you purchased your home. The permit acquisition process typically involves submitting a plat of survey along with a completed application to the city where your property is located. We will assist with all of this. From there, it’s a waiting game. We simply wait for the city to approve the work plans and return a permit.

Easy Scheduling

Once your city has delivered your permit for concrete work, the fun can begin! Our staff will quickly notify you that your permit was received and coordinate with you to get you on the schedule as soon as possible. How quickly your particular town approves applications is, unfortunately, not within our control. Every town has their own timeline for permit processing and we just have to be patient. That said, once we have your permit in hand, we will get your project on the service calendar so that our crews can get to work on your patio, driveway or other surface. We try our best to work around your schedule, including options for weekday and weekend work. Just let our scheduling staff know of your needs and we’ll work it out.

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We provide concrete replacement and installation services in most towns within DuPage County, as well as villages in some parts of Kane and Cook Counties. Don't see your town? Call us to see if we service your area.

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