Concrete Pool Decks & Patios

Swimming pools are a big investment for most households. This is why we want it to look gorgeous, comfortable and well-maintained all the time. As the centerpiece of many backyards, having a beautiful pool deck will easily complement your swimming pool.

One of the best ways to ensure that the area is immaculate is by installing a concrete pool deck. Concrete is very durable, making it a building material for a surface that always gets wet. It is also very versatile so it can be personalized to match your backyard area easily.

Your concrete deck can be minimalist, Greek inspired or or tropical themed. The combinations are almost limitless when it comes to concrete.

Anew Concrete Contractors can deliver a durable and affordable concrete pool deck. We offer pool deck installation, replacement and removal.

Benefits Of Concrete Pool Deck

There are many building materials to choose from when it comes to a pool deck. However, concrete is a popular choice for many builders and homeowners because of the following reasons:

  • Durability - concrete is a hardwearing material that can stand the test of the elements and time. Unlike wooden decks, concrete does not rot or splinter when it gets wet frequently. It also requires less maintenance and is easy to clean.
  • Versatility - concrete can be made to mimic other building materials like slate, flagstone and even wooden decks. It can also be stamped and colored for further customization.
  • Affordable - concrete is more affordable compared to pavers, bricks, flagstone and other building materials.
  • Safe - concrete does not splinter or rot, making it safer compared to wood. It is also easier to maintain so there is no need to worry about loose and broken pavers or mossy stones.

Our Concrete Deck Services

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Concrete Pool Deck Installation

A resort-quality pool deck is within your reach with our concrete pool deck installation services. We can help you design the perfect pool deck that goes well with your current pool, outdoor area and exterior.

A concrete pool deck is a good choice for the practical homeowner as it can easily withstand moisture and the elements. We use premium materials for our pool deck installation and patio paving services to assure homeowners that their investment will last a lifetime.

concrete pool deck

Concrete Deck Replacement

Pool decks are not immune to damage. Over time, pool decks can deteriorate as a result of poor maintenance, normal wear and tear and exposure to the weather. Common signs of deterioration include cracks, erosion and discoloration which can make your pool deck look tired and unkempt.

When these signs become apparent, you are in need of a concrete deck replacement. This will not only make your pool area look beautiful again but it will also make lounging in the area safer for friends and family

stamped concrete pool deck

Pool Deck Removal

Concrete is designed to last decades. This is why removing it is difficult and back breaking work. However, our removal services make it possible for you to get rid of your old concrete deck without breaking a sweat.

We can assist you from removal to disposal of debris so you can relax during the entire process.

Types of Concrete Decks

Concrete is a very versatile material so personalization options are nearly endless. You can go with a simple and classic look of poured flat concrete or you can give your space more character by opting for a stamped concrete pool deck.

Flat-Poured Concrete Pool Deck

Flat poured concrete deck is a good choice for homeowners who prefer a minimalist look. This design is easy to maintain, hardwearing and affordable.

Flat poured concrete can be customized by adding colors. Your concrete pool deck can be stained to add more character to the surface.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Natural stones are more expensive to install compared to stamped concrete. They are also harder to maintain and are not as durable. Stamped concrete is not only tougher, it is also low-maintenance and versatile. It can be stamped and colored to look like natural stone.

You can enjoy a slate, flagstone, brick or even wooden deck by opting for stamped concrete for your pool deck.


We provide concrete replacement and installation services in most towns within DuPage County, as well as villages in some parts of Kane and Cook Counties. Don't see your town? Call us to see if we service your area.

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